Impact Topic: Health and Beauty

Enhance the Experience for the Health and Beauty Shopper

The challenge for Health and Beauty Category Managers is trying to find ways to capture growing sales in the health and beauty segment while helping to mitigate loss to online retailers.

The key is to make shopping for health and beauty items in your stores more enjoyable and memorable. But how? A bright idea is to leverage the power of LED lighting. It’s proven that consumers report a better shopping experience when LED lighting is added — which translates into more sales. In addition, LED power systems provide opportunity for enhanced digital signage and messaging to further engagement. Here are some LED merchandising best practices:

Improve navigation in-aisle
Crisp LED light invites the shopper into the aisle and helps them find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Lighting also enhances consumers’ perception of the shopping environment and quality of merchandise. LED lighting is affordable, energy-efficient and can increase sales by as much as 57 percent!*

Inspire shoppers with messaging
Use backlit headers and acrylic box signage to offer call-outs to new items, flavors or colors. You can use this messaging to share product information, offer comparisons, extend invitations or help compel a call to action. Start messaging on-shelf and watch your sales grow.

Captivate, educate and inform
Digital messaging is growing and becoming ever more deeply woven into what’s next in retail design. Why wait? Use LCD screens right now to educate and inform shoppers of features and benefits or share engaging how-to content or other instructions to meet their expectations and your stores’ objectives.
Lighting for Impact creates solutions to make shopping a better experience and offers merchandising ideas to help you differentiate your stores’ categories from your competitors.

From affordable LED lighting and attention-getting signage to digital displays — all Lighting for Impact solutions work seamlessly together with our innovative power systems to deliver an easy, affordable upgrade that gets results fast. It’s power made easy and messaging made powerful. Take a look at some of the health and beauty pictures in our Solutions Gallery.

Click HERE to visit our HBA Solutions Gallery.


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