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Impact Topic: Enhancing the experience for the health and beauty shopper

In a Supermarket News survey of grocery retailers, 75 percent of respondents said sales of health and wellness-related categories have increased* For Health and Beauty Category Managers, this can serve as both an opportunity and a threat. Certainly, the opportunity is to capitalize on growing sales in the health and beauty categories — while at the same time, mitigating the threat of losses to online, direct-to-consumer, and other physical retailers.


The best approach to attract attention and elevate shopping for health and beauty items in your stores is to make the shopper experience more enjoyable and memorable. Enhancing the in-store HBA shopping experience is key. Also, a growing trend is to leverage the power of LED lighting in the Health and Beauty department, since it’s proven that consumers report a better shopping experience when LED lighting is added. So much so, that research shared by Luxreview Magazine states consumers select twice as many items from shelving with integrated lighting — than those with none. That’s positive influence along the physical retail path to purchase no retailer can afford to ignore.


In-aisle navigation is improved by LED lighting. Crisp LED light invites the shopper into the aisle and helps them find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Meanwhile, the engaging environment encourages them to linger longer at displays — and increased dwell time can grow basket sales. Lighting also enhances consumers’ perception of the shopping environment and even the perceived quality of merchandise.


The best part of applying LED merchandising solutions to your HBA strategy is that it is easy. Our made-for-retail LED lighting is affordable, energy-efficient, and incredibly simple to install — routinely without the need to remove any product from shelving. And, once LED shelf lighting is installed and powered, the power system itself creates a new, simple-yet-effective capability — the ability to power any number of LED graphic displays and digital shelf technologies. From backlit header panels and signage to more advanced systems like digital displays and IoT solutions — you can use greater experiential messaging to share product information, highlight new items, personalize offers, or help compel a call to action.


Digital messaging is growing faster than ever — and becoming a requirement for what’s next in retail design. Why wait? Use LCD screens right now to educate and inform shoppers of features and benefits or share engaging how-to content (or other instructions) to meet their expectations and your stores’ objectives.


Lighting for Impact creates solutions to make shopping a better experience and offers merchandising ideas to help you differentiate your stores’ categories from your competitors. From affordable LED lighting and attention-getting signage  — all Lighting for Impact solutions work seamlessly together with our innovative power systems to deliver an easy, affordable upgrade that gets results fast.


See the difference for yourself! >>> CLICK HERE <<< to access/download our “Health & Beauty LED Merchandising Look Book” (in PDF format) for examples of past projects and ideas for your store.




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