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Lighting For Impact - Best in Lead Time and Inventory Management - Lighting for Impact
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Lighting For Impact – Best in Lead Time and Inventory Management

Lighting For Impact

Our Inventory

and Lead Time Advantages


Lighting for Impact is a leading retail lighting company transforming the in-store shopping experience with LED solutions for merchandising.


Challenges Today:


Retailers are facing serious challenges with inventory and shipping lead times in many areas of their operations. Certain suppliers are pushing delivery dates out 12, 24, or even up to 45 weeks — making it hard to accomplish planned goals and create great in-store experiences for your customers. When critical supplies are not available, there are added procurement costs, such as expedited shipping or even production stoppages because products are simply not available.



LFI Advantages for You:

Lighting for Impact’s strong supply chain ensures our inventory is stocked and ready to ship for you. Research proves LED lighting gets attention and serves to drive impulse purchases more than displays without. We are ready to work with you on illuminating your in-store spaces to give your customers the ultimate experience.

With the retail environment always changing it might seem too late to install lighting, however, with our normal 14-day* lead time from PO to ship, anytime is the right time! Lighting for Impact’s LED lighting solutions are simple and do not require extra time for an electrician to install. This allows you to be in control and install lighting right away once delivered – transforming your store immediately!

*High-volume and custom orders can require more lead time.

Let us demonstrate our innovative solutions, high-quality products and most of all our exceptional service to deliver to you fast. Add the WOW factor to the physical store environment by working with our team consists of merchandising, engineering, and operations experts to help you from project start to finish – we’ll do it all for you!

Give us a call at (844) 218-4112 today!



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