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Impact Topic: Liquor and Wine LED Merchandising: “Lifting Spirits” for In-Store Displays

Liquor and wine sales growth challenge
A Southern grocery retailer contacted Lighting for Impact in search of ideas to improve their liquor category shopping experience and sales performance. They expressed specific challenges they wanted to solve — including differentiating their liquor display merchandising from other retailers in the market. As they were already in the planning process of designing store remodel approaches — along with a list of new locations in development — they thought it would be the perfect time to learn more about LED lighting for consideration in their overall merchandising strategy.

Along with store designs composed to increase average basket size and profitability, their design approach also required flexibility. Merchandising solutions needed to be scalable, and as store layouts continued to evolve, they wanted solutions to address the adaption of future digital technology beyond lighting design alone. Finally, the chosen solution also had to be cost effective and contribute to ROI.

A simple solution to help “lift spirits”

With the list of strategy objectives and project requirements in mind, the Lighting for Impact team started formulating several affordable options to deliver on the stated goals and requirements.

While custom merchandising solutions for grocery, convenience, specialty retailers and top CPG brands are routine project requests, we also offer simple-to-install, pre-designed kits — with magnetic installation for metal fixture displays and patented applications for wire fixture, wooden fixture and plastics and glass integrations. We also knew our solution would include a low-voltage power system, which is a requirement for virtually all digital shelf edge technologies.

Upon examining the planned project specifications from several stores, one of our engineers noticed a pattern, and identified an install modification to our existing kit designs that would perfectly address the retailer’s wish for flexibility and scalability — all while integrating seamlessly across any/all of their stores. The next question was: How soon can we get started?

Should a bottle of champagne be involved?

Through our expert merchandising experience and value-engineered approach, the project was delivered both on time and on budget – which called for a celebration! Attention-getting LED lighting was added to all liquor department fixtures and numerous specialty areas. Plus, the low-voltage, expandable power infrastructure enabled their physical stores to be well-positioned for adapting to whatever the digital future brings. And finally, our team created easy-to-follow instructions and training on LED and power installation, enabling the retailer to save money by handling all future store rollouts utilizing their own resources.

A “toast” to the results!

As part of our commitment to service with our customers, Lighting for Impact ensures all questions are answered and that our customers are satisfied with our products, their performance, and that the results they achieve exceed expectations. We’re pleased to report the feedback was incredible. While we’re confident in our ability to improve the category look and shopper experience, it’s always a delight to hear positive words first-hand on the transformation and enhanced sales results — especially the comments of customers. In short, our solutions:

  • Increased average sales and profitability
  • Payback was already close to being achieved — which was much faster than other capital expenditures the retailer considered
  • Shopper comments included: “Love the store and new look,” and “Wow, these displays look great”

Adding our made-for-retail LED solutions is easier and more affordable than you think. And, you can often upgrade existing display fixtures without even removing product! There’s no easier or more affordable way to upgrade your liquor, wine, and beer category merchandising — and add that “wow” factor — than by adding LED lighting.

See the difference for yourself! Download our “Liquor and Wine Merchandising Look Book”
(in PDF format) for examples of past projects and ideas for your store.
Click the image above or >>> CLICK HERE <<< to access/download.Lighting for Impact Liquor and Wine Look Book


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