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Grow your sales, earn extra loyalty from shoppers, and OUTSHINE your competitor!

This spirits and wine resources page is created for you. Check out the videos, browse the look book, projects gallery, and other information — to learn more about what our retail LED shelf lighting can do for you and your business.

Create an experience for shoppers

While factors like competition, product trends, and demographics influence liquor and wine sales, it’s the shopping experience that drives success and fosters loyalty. No matter your competitive advantage — be it product expertise, in-store events, or social selling; your in-store display merchandising must look great, be easy to shop, and elevate the shopper experience.


    • Grow your sales
    • Enhance your in-store experience
    • Earn greater loyalty from delighted shoppers
    • Outshine the competition
    • Make your store the destination of choice

There’s no easier or more affordable way to upgrade your in-store experience and category merchandising than by adding our LED lighting. It creates the “wow” factor and has your store “Instagram ready” overnight! You will outshine the competition down the street by adding our affordable, energy-efficient solutions. And, you WILL sell MORE! Did you know? Research shows customers select twice as many items from shelving with integrated lighting — than those with none. [LUXREVIEW] 


Rely on us

With more than 60,000 installations across North America, top retailers rely on our solutions to enhance the in-store experience and grow their bottom line. This year’s sales can shine the brightest ever!

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Before and After Gallery

Spirits & Wine Merchandising Projects Gallery

How our LED shelf lighting solution works

NOTE: While the above video offers an overview specific to metal shelving and our magnetic C-Channel, our solutions portfolio features patented mounting options designed for metal, wood, wire, glass, plastic, and more.




Miles of Light Installed