Did you know grocery carts have more bacteria than a public restroom?1

THE PROBLEM: At a time when the health and safety of your shoppers and employees is at an all-time high, are you doing enough to protect while in your stores? Cleaning carts
with chemicals is a costly, inefficient process, and doesn’t reach some of the dirtiest spots on the cart.

THE SOLUTION: myCleanCart is an efficient, chemical-free way to sanitize your shopping carts. myCleanCart leverages the power of UV-C light, which is proven to kill
99.9% of bacteria and viruses.



KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA: UV-C lights can kill 99.9% of bacteria on shopping carts, including COVID-19, SARS, CoV-2, Influenza, Salmonella, etc.

SHOPPER PEACE OF MIND: The entire shopping cart is sanitized, from the handle and inside seat, to the bottom of the cart where children and other food items are placed.

NO HARSH CHEMICALS: No harsh chemicals are used to sanitize shopping carts.

SANITATION IN 7 SECONDS: The average sanitation time for each cart is only 7 seconds, reducing time and labor associated with chemical based systems.2

SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED: myCleanCart uses germicidal UV-C light with 254 nanometers (nm) wavelength. This ultraviolet disinfection technology uses UV light to target and disable disease-causing microorganisms (pathogens). Over 100 years ago, scientists discovered that when pathogens were exposed to UV light, their reproduction was limited. This is the same technology used in hospitals, airlines, and even home heating sterilization.

RESIDUE-FREE: UV-C light provides residue-free disinfection, so there is no concern over dangerous residues that need to be wiped down or neutralized before shoppers handle the carts.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The process is environmentally friendly in that there are no dangers or toxic chemicals that require specialized storage or handling. Since no chemicals are added to the air/water, there are no process byproducts concerns.

EASY DISPOSAL: The UV-C light bulbs do not require special handling or disposal.

LOWEST COST TO OPERATE: No chemicals to buy or labor costs associated with wiping down carts. Annual operational savings over $110,000 per year when compared to wet solutions.

SELF CONTAINED: Tunnel materials include a steel shell and frame as well as seams wrapped with a wear resistant seal to keep UV light inside the tunnel.

myCleanCart is brought to you by Lighting For Impact, the leading expert in LED lighting for retailers. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing solutions that are durable and reliable for retail environments. Fill out the form below to discuss how myCleanCart can help safeguard the health of your shoppers and employees.

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DimensionsEach section
Product Weight286lbs per
4ft section
Power Usage1.5 amps
per section
Cost to Operate$0.11 per section
per day
# of SectionsTunnel LengthCarts per CycleSeconds per Cart

(1) Reynolds, K.A., P.M. Watt, S.A. Boone, and C.P. Gerba. 2005. Occurance of bacteria and bio-chemical markers on public surfaces. Int. J. Environ. Hlth. Res. 15:225-234
(2) Estimate based on a 20-foot UV tunnel cleaning 22 carts at a time