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Developed specifically for retail, our LED and power systems are designed to be easy to install and are proven to stand up to high-traffic, heavy-shopping and stocking areas. Our engineering team proudly holds multiple patents on applications for applying LED lighting on numerous types of retail shelving, and our power systems are designed to add value through their compatibility with powering additional accessories and technologies.

LED Lighting

The quality of your LEDs are very important if they are going to last a long time and meet the demands of shopping and merchandising at shelf.

Power Systems

A critical component of any long-lasting LED system. That’s why Lighting for Impact has carefully designed and tested all the components needed to power our LED solutions.

Display Accessories

From impactful LED panels to digital screens, Lighting for Impact has the solutions to bring brands to life at shelf and create more engaging displays in-store.

Cooler lighting

Improve the look of your refrigerated space with clean, crisp LEDs. From beverage coolers to beer caves to open air cases, Lighting for Impact has the solution for your needs.

Benefits & Features


Solutions and Services to Support Retailers and Brands


System Easily Adaptable to Support Lighting / On-Shelf Technology Needs


Solutions are Impactful yet Affordable


Expert Engineering Creates High Quality Solutions that are Easy to Install and Maintain



Together, our mission is to help retailers and brands improve the in-store shopping experience leveraging our LED solutions. Our team consists of both merchandising and engineering experts to help design, plan, and install the most impactful yet affordable LED solutions for your in-store merchandising.


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