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Retail Display Accessories


Along with our LED lighting systems, Lighting for Impact offers components that support and bring your lighting, merchandising and messaging strategies to the next level.

Our portfolio of accessories will give you the right solutions to enhance customer experience, optimize store navigation, and ultimately — increase sales. We’ll help your team design the right accessories solution to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to incorporate attractive and helpful wayfinding, category highlighting, or displays that command shopper attention, Lighting for Impact has bright ideas to share.

Backlit Header Panels

Easily add LED signage to your aisles with our LED Header Panels. Designed specifically to install on existing gondolas, our Header Panels are an elegant and easy method to make a big impact on your in-store environment.

Uplit and Backlit LED Panel Lighting

Our LED panels are an affordable way to make in-store signage and merchandising more impactful. Choose from uplit or backlit panels in various sizes and options to meet your merchandising objectives.
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