Display Accessories


Along with our LED lighting systems, Lighting for Impact offers components that support and bring your lighting, merchandising and messaging strategies to the next level.

Our full line of accessories will give you the right solutions to enhance customer experience, optimize store navigation, and ultimately — increase sales. We’ll help your team design the right accessories solution to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to incorporate digital signs, add in-aisle headers, or amp-up your in-aisle graphics, Lighting for Impact has you covered.

Backlit Header Panels

Easily add LED signage to your aisles with our LED Header Panels. Designed specifically to work with existing gondolas, our Header Panels are easy to install and make a big impact in store

Uplit and Backlit LED Panel Lighting

Our LED panels are an affordable way to make in-store signage and merchandising more impactful. Choose from uplit or backlit panels in various sizes and options to meet your merchandising objectives.

LCD Displays

When it’s time to inspire your customers to act, nothing shares your message like video. Differentiate your brand and all it offers with today’s attention-getting in-store technology.

Acrylic Boxes

Our Acrylic Display Boxes enable retailers and brands to easily feature items / assortments where buying decisions occur – right at shelf.


Together, our mission is to help retailers and brands improve the in-store shopping experience leveraging our LED solutions. Our team consists of both merchandising and engineering experts to help design, plan, and install the most impactful yet affordable LED solutions for your in-store merchandising.


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