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Retail Shelf Lighting / J-Channel

Lighting for Impact's J-Channel LED retail shelf lighting

[UP/DOWN LIGHTING] Retail shelf lighting: J-Channel LED. When customers started asking how they could effectively “up-light” products, our Lighting for Impact engineers created an innovative LED solution specific to this request. Our J-channel achieves up/down lighting and installs perfectly with the existing pricing ID channel of standard retail shelving. The J-Channel features its own pricing ID channel, and lights items from the very front of the shelf — transforming the shopping experience and better highlighting the face of the products featured.



  • Easily clips on and off all common gondola-style pricing channels without adhesive or magnets, making it easy to move and/or adjust lighting as needed
  • Two stainless steel cam levers inside the channel allow for a simple quarter-turn of two cams for install and removal
  • Front contour duplicates existing pricing channel with no loss of marketing space
  • The unique shape reflects light back toward products; offering up, down, or both up/down lighting
  • J-Channels are available in varying lengths and standard black, almond, or white color
  • UL listed
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
Download the spec sheet for more information.