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Upgrade your display, or an entire aisle, with our easy-to-install LED valance light.

Lighting for Impact’s LED valance lighting helps you simply and affordably transform the way your customers see, shop, and spend in your store.


Added to your existing gondola shelving, our valance light instantly upgrades the look of your merchandising. Use in Health and Beauty aisles to create a more intimate, upscale shopping experience or across aisles to add better lighting and ambiance to your existing gondolas.


Valance Lighting
  • Two standard lengths 3’ and 4’
  • Diffused lens provides perfect light distribution(no diodes visible)
  • Unique bracket design makes wire management effortless. No tools, clips, or wire ties required
  • Thumb screw allows for one-handed mounting in hard to reach locations
  • DC Input w/ high efficiency, up to 125 lumens/watt
  • Connects seamlessly with any LFI powered system

Download the Valance Light info sheet below for more information.