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Wall Washers

LFI Wall Washers

Lighting for Impact’s Wall Washer lighting units are versatile gondola adaptations designed to illuminate products up to 7 feet.

Our new, innovative, and energy-efficient LED Wall Washers dispense a focused light beam to illuminate your merchandising and grab customers’ attention. We specialize in retail lighting solutions to enhance your shoppers' in-store experiences.


  • Custom designed optical lensing illuminates the product, not shoppers
  • Easy installation that can be complete before or after shelving is merchandised
  • Ideal solution for center store and end cap locations
  • Perfect solution for peg sets or cosmetic merchandising
  • Multiple mounting options offer unmatched versatility
  • Makes rests easy, without having to touch any lighting components
Download the spec sheet for more information.

Four Mounting Options for versatility

Stand Alone Shroud  |  Existing Structure  |  Metal Shelf  |  Illuminated Header Panel

Wall Washers  |  Stand-Alone Shroud

Wall Washers | Stand-Alone Shroud


  • Installs into any standard gondola uprights with metal brackets designed to work with any shelf lengths.
  • Custom aluminum shroud illuminates the products, and remains out of the customers’ eyes.
  • Sleek design is unobtrusive and blends into any store environment.
  • Multiple mounting brackets options insure proper lighting location for any gondola, regardless of depth or height.
Wall Washers | Stand-Alone Shroud

Wall Washers  |  Existing Structure

Wall Washers | Metal Shelf


  • Utilizing your existing facade, the Wall Washer mounts directly to this overhead structure.
  • Each Wall Washer unit includes two 180-degree swiveling brackets for precise positioning of lighting on products.
  • Screws provided to secure into existing overhead structure.
  • Mounting is on the back of any structure to hide the components and keep lighting out of the customers’ eyes.
Wall Washers | Existing Structure

Wall Washers  |  Metal Shelf

Wall Washers | Stand-Alone Shroud


  • Mounts to underside of standard sheet metal shelving.

  • Perfect option when the top shelf extends out beyond lower shelving.

  • Utilizes adjustable brackets on Wall Washer unit to insure alignment with shelving hole pattern.

  • Locks in place with expanding pins to insure solid and easy installation.

  • Ideal solution for pegged merchandising displays.

Wall Washers | Metal Shelf

Wall Washers  |  Illuminated Header Panel

Wall Washers | Illuminated Header Panel


  • Combines two of our most impactful products for an impressive display.

  • Wall Washer mounts behind our Backlit Header Panels.

  • Creates a clean look, keeps the light source and LED components masked from the shopper’s line of sight.

  • Great for HBA sections that require directional signage and hard to illuminate areas.

Wall Washers | Illuminated Header Panel