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Retail Lighting Power Systems

Our retail lighting and display power systems offer the finest, most energy-efficient solutions to drive all of our LED systems. In addition, our systems are compatible with many other at-shelf technologies like messaging, LCD displays, and IoT systems.


Power is a critical component of any long-lasting LED system. That’s why Lighting for Impact has carefully designed and tested all the components needed to power our LED solutions. Everything from the power transformer and power strips to the cords and clips are designed to work together to protect the LED system while maximizing performance.

In-Aisle Power Distribution

Lighting for Impact offers two innovative systems to distribute efficient power across full-store-length gondola runs or smaller runs and individual display fixtures. The T-Series Power System is ideal for full-length runs supplying power to all shelves, while the Slim Line System is perfect for many different applications — with the flexibility to easily adjust lighting as your merchandising and promotions change.

Single Fixture Power

Lighting for Impact’s slim line power strip was created to make installation a breeze. Our single fixture power product includes 3 tiers/product styles. Click to read more.

T-Series Power System illustration

T-Series Power System

Our T-Series Power System uses extensions under the base deck of gondolas to connect multiple power supplies in series.

Control Systems

Lighting for Impact’s control systems are ever-expanding. Read more about our control systems which include power switches and motion detection.

Power Management

This product grouping includes cord sets and wire management. Cord sets typically include power cords and power splitters. Read more and download the spec sheet below.

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