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Mainline Power System

This robust power system delivers ample power the full length of your gondola run. Connect up to 10 units in series requiring only a single 20 amp outlet. Each power supply is rated at 90 watts and can power up to 20 standard LED strips, leaving excess power for any of Lighting for Impact's attention-grabbing accessories. Install under current gondola; simply tilt up base deck to store power supplies out of sight. Once installed, you're ready to merchandise with lighting and messaging.


  • Fully concealed under base deck.
  • 90W capacity at each power strip.
  • Power from single 110V outlet, run up to 10 power supplies in series.
  • Up to 900 Watt capacity in single run.
  • Each unit is fused to protect system for unexpected power surges.
  • LED indication for power on and trouble-shooting.
  • Heavy gauge wire used to ensure power is conducted efficiently.
Download the spec sheet for more information.
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