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Remodel Project Tips and LED Display Lighting

New year…new in-store experience?

When each new year arrives, many of us are inspired to set new personal or professional goals, sometimes even resolutions. For retail businesses, however, many set goals and look forward to achieving new objectives to help make their new year the best one yet. Maybe your new year wishes involve planning to expand reach through new stores or relocations, maybe it’s an existing store remodel or a new address, or maybe it’s just a smaller upgrade — like new floor covering or a fresh coat of paint to delight shoppers.

With any retail planning — be it new stores, store remodels or category resets — each serve as the perfect time to consider merchandising updates and technology improvements. By enhancing your in-store shopper experience, you’re investing in greater shopper engagement, cultivation of shopper loyalty, and ultimately — an increase in sales as a direct result.

When selecting from available improvement options, it’s important to realize LED shelf lighting and display lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable investments a retailer can make to upgrade the in-store experience. Even better news, it’s proven to influence an increase in sales by as much as 43%!* Try getting that kind of ROI from updated floor treatments or wall coverings! Our at-shelf illumination is very cost-effective and provides the highest ROI when compared to other remodeling options. It also pays for itself in days — not years. Retail LED display lighting is simple and effective.

Lighting for Impact works with retailers and fixture suppliers to design the most effective and affordable LED-driven merchandising solutions available. Whether it’s a store remodel, a new store, or a category refresh, LED shelf lighting and display lighting will enhance existing or new fixtures across the store — and attract shoppers up and down the aisles. Another huge benefit is that our power systems help “future-proof” your store through their compatibility with many of the latest at-shelf technologies, like LDC displays, IoT solutions, and other omnichannel strategies.

With more than 60,000 LED installations across North America, we’re experts in creating in-store experiences and we’re sharing some tips we’ve learned along the way to help you think differently about store upgrades, optimizing your remodel efforts, and more effectively making use of your budget. Our experience crosses all channels, from grocery store lighting, convenience store lighting, liquor store merchandising, checkstand lights, and specialty store lighting — to any retail shelf lighting — wherever it’s found!

Evaluate existing displays and create your vision

The first step forward is to consider what merchandising displays and shopper experiences you’d like to create. Shelf lighting and LED display lighting can easily capture extra shopper attention for your unique assortments, promotional features, or direct extra attention to your store’s identified growth categories. For example, our convenience clients routinely choose to enhance their checkout stations and especially undercounter displays with LED to attract shoppers to underserved categories, enhance the shopper experience, and increase overall conversion. Our grocery store lighting clients frequently apply LED lighting to Health & Beauty (HBA) sections since it’s an important growth category for them.

Once you’ve determined your categories or sections to be highlighted with LED lighting, you’ll want to determine the LED components needed. We’re always available to help with that, but here are key factors to make note of in your planning and information gathering:

        • Height and width of chosen fixture(s)
        • Number of (and depth measurement) of shelves
        • Type of fixture media, e.g., metal, wire, wood, glass, plastic, etc.
        • Color of fixture (white, black, gray, silver, etc.)
        • Illumination type: shelf lighting or overhead display lighting systems (wall washer and valance light)

An option many retailers forget is that our LED lighting can be applied to newly ordered display fixtures BEFORE arriving at the store. This is a simple and incredibly convenient approach for saving time and money. Many of our retail customers have their contracted fixture manufacturers install Lighting for Impact systems on their fixtures before shipping is scheduled to arrive at the store.

Based on your merchandising ideas and planning, identify specific locations in your store where power exists, or where you want to add power before placing merchandising. While our power systems offer incredible flexibility, pre-planning enables power to be more easily installed under the merchandising and helps reduce hassle, as opposed to dropping from the ceiling or trenching the floor if added later.

Store planning with power

Our power systems are extremely energy-efficient, and our LED lighting only requires a typical 120V outlet. The integration of our LED power systems can be leveraged for other digital merchandising and customer loyalty messaging — further preparing your store for today’s technology or whatever tomorrow brings. Lighting for Impact’s systems offer power infrastructure at shelf and down the aisle for other solutions, such as backlit header panels, overhead illumination systems, digital signage, LCD screens, or other powered marketing designs — now — or in the future.

Cost efficiencies through patterns

If your store remodel and merchandising plans are relatively consistent across stores — offering repeating sizing patterns — chances are there could easily be volume discounts for LED components. Lighting for Impact not only offers volume discounts on LED components, we also value-engineer solutions to maximize efficiencies and lower costs while keeping the highest quality in-store experience in mind.
With relatively consistent merchandising identified, it’s also easier to create simplified LED kits for each fixture or merchandising section. This makes installation training for your team members easier —saving time and money. Lighting for Impact LED solutions can also be added before or after items are placed on the shelf. Lighting for Impact offers short and simple customized installation videos as a resource to all client in-store installation teams. If your resources don’t easily allow for your own team members to complete installation, Lighting for Impact’s national network of professional installers is always available to assist — from start to finish.

Select for quality and experience

One of the most important merchandising decisions any retailer can make is selecting the best supplier for all current and future projects. Your supplier should serve as a partner — implementing the most current system designs, offering new ideas for continued enhancements, and being there to help with changes or challenges in today’s rapidly evolving retail climate.

Lighting for Impact’s LED systems are designed specifically for high traffic retail environments and offer an impressive 5-year warranty. We work with your CAD drawings and store layouts to design the best LED solutions for each merchandising area across stores. Using your plans and design ideas, we can offer solutions to make your merchandising impactful and affordable. We’re committed to developing and executing designs that help you instigate and earn new sales.

Collaborate with a proven leader

Lighting for Impact’s quote turnaround time is an industry-leading 2-3 days. Your quote requests can be sent as pictures, engineering drawings, phone calls, floor plans, and more. We design to maximize output while minimizing components. Our approach adds value and lowers overall costs — offering big savings when compared to competitive systems. Our large on-hand inventory is ready to ship offering a wide range of components to meet your needs without the wait. No more projects held hostage by supply chain issues! We offer an industry-leading 2-week lead time on most orders, and expedited processing is always available upon request.

Don’t leave your new year’s sales in the dark. If you’re engaged in any planning for the year specific to transforming your shoppers’ experience — be it large or small — give us a call at 844.218.4112. We’re always happy to answer questions and help make retail shine. You will sell more with our shelf lighting and LED display lighting installed! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2023!

* Before LED shelf lighting and after – performance comparison: Q3 2021 vs. Q3 2022 study conducted by retailer and shared with Lighting for Impact.


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