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Retail LED Shelf Lighting and Display Solutions with Lighting for Impact


Lighting for Impact is a recognized leader in retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising solutions. With more than 60,000 installations across North America, top retailers rely on our affordable, easy-install lighting solutions because they get results everyone can see! Shoppers see a better experience, and retailers see greater sales and shopper loyalty.


  • Commands shopper attention
  • Elevates shopper experience
  • Increases basket size

Our portfolio of store fixture and display lighting products is proven to grow store sales throughout grocery, convenience, mass, spirits/wine, and many other specialty channels. Our patented mounting systems allow our products to install on metal, wire, wood, glass, plastic, and more.


The addition of LED shelf lighting and display illumination has the power to help direct your shoppers’ attention where you want it, elevate the shoppers’ experience, and grow your sales. It positively impacts the perception of merchandise and the in-store environment, including the perceived “freshness” of products, the “cleanliness” of the store, and the overall in-store environment.


Our clients enjoy the confidence made possible by our 5-year warranty, and how our power systems help “future-proof” their store through compatibility with the latest on-shelf technologies, like LCD displays and IoT systems. Learn more about Lighting for Impact in our overview video at right, and call us at 844.218.4112 anytime to ask questions or to request a quote.


A recent test reinforces that illumination not only improves the shopper experience — but leads to significantly higher sales and profitability!* Simple and effective. You will sell more by including our display lighting in your merchandising designs.

Grow your dollar sales by up to 40+ percent using our retail LED shelf lighting and merchandising solutions.

Sections Illuminated: Candy bars, candy bags, breakfast, and spirits. Sections Non-Illuminated: Meat snacks, Frito Lay, seeds, cookies, and nuts. Performance comparison: Q3 2021 vs. Q3 2022. Customer traffic change +3.9%.

What Others Are Saying

“Lighting for Impact was a great partner to Big Y helping us through selecting the right LED components to helping us install at the store. We couldn’t be happier with the results!” — Lori Bryant, Project Manager of Store Planning, Big Y
“People want to have an experience. With the lighting…it’s a thousand percent. Absolutely. I am very happy! The lighting does it!” — Jimmy Ciaccio, Owner, Gaspar’s Liquor Shoppe
“Illuminating the product is a draw, and aesthetically — it’s a lot better. It was really easy to put up and assemble, so very user-friendly and I think it’s a home run!” — Angel Cordero, Store Manager, Giant Heirloom Market
“Lighting for Impact’s LED system has helped boost sales in the confectionery category. LFI’s reliability, customer service and design expertise has made them a great partner for Wawa.” — Amanda O’Brien, Wawa
Retail LED Shelf Lighting and Display Merchandising Portfolio
Retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising solutions portfolio

Why LED Display Lighting at Retail?

Our portfolio of products helps solve common visual merchandising challenges, and each system is engineered to perform and achieve outstanding results. In its simplest form, studies have shown customers select twice as many items from shelving with integrated lighting than those with none. (LUXREVIEW) With results like that, there’s never a good reason to delay success. Adding our LED lighting to your store’s display fixtures isn’t just a bright idea — it’s a proven recipe for success!


Learn more about what our solutions are, how they install, and what they can do for you by downloading our “Product Solutions Look Book” (PDF format) today! Use the form below to access.

Lighting for Impact Product Solutions Look Book




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