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Convenience Store Lighting

Multiple convenience assortments illuminated with our LED shelf lighting

Lighting for convenience stores: candy lighting, checkout lighting, undercounter lighting, and store display lighting

For the short time your shopper has to share — you want to create an experience that achieves results for all. Convenience studies show the biggest reason shoppers didn’t consider purchasing an item at checkout is that they didn’t notice anything. Our retail LED shelf lighting solutions solve that! Aisles and sections across the convenience store — but especially undercounter checkout merchandising — can be overlooked by shoppers during their quick visit. Using our proven LED lighting on new or existing display merchandising can attract extra attention and drive sales increases from 20-40 percent (depending on location).

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Retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising proven to increase sales

A recent Lighting for Impact test reinforces that illumination not only improves the shopper experience, but leads to significantly higher sales and profitability! Check out the results. You will sell more by including our retail LED lighting in your merchandising designs.

Recent testing shows significant increases in both dollar and unit sales when our LED solutions are added to displays
Convenient Store Look Book

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