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Micro Market LED Lighting Solutions BEFORE and AFTER

Lighting for micro markets and vending

Breaktime snack sales perform better with our made-for-retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising solutions. Grow your micro market unit sales by as much as 37% based on recent test data. Our easy-install solutions get results everyone can see. Shoppers see a better experience and you see an enhanced bottom line!

Lighting for Impact offers innovative and affordable retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising solutions — proven to transform the way your customers see, shop, and spend. You will sell more by illuminating your assortments and displays with our products.

Our lighting solutions are affordable, easy to install, and can deliver to your location in 2 weeks! Call us anytime at 844.218.4112 to learn more or to request a quote.

Enhance your sales

A recent test reinforces that illumination not only improves the shopper experience — but also leads to significantly higher sales and profitability! Simple and effective. You will sell more by including our display lighting in your merchandising designs.

Recent testing shows significant increases in both dollar and unit sales when our LED solutions are added to displays