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The Power Of Light

More retailers and brands are discovering how integrating lighting as part of in-store merchandising can dramatically improve both store presentation and sales performance.

Used strategically, lighting has the power to invite and communicate by drawing customers in, gracefully capturing and directing their attention, encouraging them to linger longer at product displays, and moving them to buy more — and more frequently. But the real beauty of the power of light is this: it’s simple. Just do what today’s bright retailers and brands are doing.

The research is in…

Every major study on the impact of lighting at the point of sale has arrived at the same conclusion. Better lighting translates to better sales. In our own studies, our products have increased sales up to 57% when lighting is combined with other merchandising strategies and 5%-20% when lighting is the only variable changed. Those are the kind of numbers that have retailers around the country taking a much closer look at Lighting for Impact.

Lighting improves the customer experience in ways everyone can see.


92 percent of shoppers report a better shopping experience with lighting.

Lighting helps cut through the clutter, sets a mood, makes it easier for customers to find what they want, makes merchandise more appealing and improves overall store presentation. In a recent study, 92% of shoppers reported “a better overall shopping experience” in stores with lighting at checkout, an increase of 13.5% over stores without lighting. More than 50% of shoppers noticed the lighting and reported, “easier to find items I want, easier to see what is available, draws my attention, and makes merchandising look nice.”

Lighting improves shoppers’ perception of store appearance and value, and can help increase brand loyalty.

In retail, the only thing as important as today’s sales is tomorrow’s. LED lighting has been shown to improve shopper perceptions of both overall store appearance and a retailer’s overall pricing/value. This, combined with lighting’s ability to deliver a unique shopping experience, can help keep shoppers coming back.
Lighting for Impact

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