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Retail Shelf Lighting / Q-Channel

NEW! Q-Channel LED (Quick-Snap Install)

Our newest LED retail shelf lighting productPatent Pendinginstalls in seconds with no tools required! The new Q-Channel (Quick-Snap Install) solution will be available for order soon. Call 844.218.4112 anytime with questions!

Retail LED Shelf Lighting - Q-Channel (Quick-Snap Install) our newest product!

[UP/DOWN LIGHTING] Retail shelf lighting: Quick-snap install! New product alert! Our new Q-Channel (Quick-Snap Installation) retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising installs in seconds. Engineered to provide superior up/down product lighting while maximizing the ease of use, this product transforms and elevates any display instantly.

The lightweight yet durable PVC extrusion features a quick-snap install design which clips securely into the front ID channel profile of shelving. It mounts securely until removal is achieved by manual clip release. In addition, our Q-channels feature COB (Chip On Board) LED lighting, which offers crisp illumination without the visible presence of individual diodes. The lighting emanates in an elegant and attention-getting diffused glow pattern. Q-Channels also offer their own pricing ID channel for easy label changes and resets. Q-Channels also integrate seamlessly with all major pusher system designs

Based on recent testing, our Q-Channels command extra attention from shoppers and grow unit sales by up to 37 percent! The power of retail LED lighting — now available with the easiest installation method EVER! No tools are required.



  • Up/down shelf lighting self-contained in lightweight yet durable extrusion
  • Quick-Snap installation — no tools required!
  • “Instant” quick-snap mounting for any shelf or pusher system installation
  • COB (Chip on Board) LED lighting; zero visible diodes/diffused glow pattern
  • Available in standard 3′, 4′, and custom lengths with built-in pricing ID channel
  • UL Listed with Lighting for Impact’s 5-Year Warranty

Installation is a snap! It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

Q-Channel install - STEP-1
Download the spec sheet for more information.