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LED Lighting

Retail LED Shelf Lighting - Q-Channel (Quick-Snap Install) our newest product!

Retail Shelf Lighting / NEW! Q-channel (Up/Down Lighting)

NEW Product Alert! Our new Q-Channel (Quick-Snap Installation) retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising installs in seconds. Engineered to provide superior up/down product lighting while maximizing the ease of use, this product transforms and elevates any display instantly — no tools required!

Retail Shelf Lighting / C-channel (Down Lighting)

Our C-channel LED retail shelf display lighting is our most affordable and popular solution as it can be used for both undershelf lighting and pegged merchandising displays. Our C-channel protects the LED strip and installs easily on the shelf. C-channels can be applied using adhesive, magnets, or patented clips — and are ideal for metal, wire, wooden, glass, and plastic displays.

Retail Shelf Lighting / J-channel (Up/Down Lighting)

Our unique patented J-channels install on the front shelf of all standard retail shelving via the pricing ID channel, and are used to direct up lighting, down lighting, or both. Compared to C-channels, J-channel lighting can be applied without adhesive, magnets, or clips. Installation is as simple as 2 quarter-turns of the built-in cam mounting system. J-Channels feature their own pricing ID channel and are compatible with all major pusher systems.

Retail Shelf Lighting - W-channel (Up/Down Lighting)

Used in many applications, W-Channels illuminate up, down, or both onto featured products. Our patented W-channel works well with pusher merchandising systems, or to highlight pegged merchandising. In the case of canopy or pegged applications, W-Channels are paired with brackets to mount the channel to the shelving wall.

Valance Lighting / Overhead Illumination

Upgrade any display, or an entire aisle, with our easy-install LED valance light. Our LED valance lighting helps you simply and affordably transform existing gondola shelving. Use in Health and Beauty aisles to create a more intimate, upscale shopping experience or across aisles to add better lighting and ambiance to your shoppers’ in-store experiences.

LFI Wall Washers

Wall Washers / Overhead Illumination

Our LED lighting is routinely proven to command attention and grow sales for assortments on the shelf — why not apply the same science to wall systems and other difficult-to-light displays? We’ve developed two, easy-install solutions; our Wall Washer — Standard and Wall Washer High Output lighting bars. In addition, four available mounting options offer complete versatility in display merchandising design and application.

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