LED Lighting


The quality of your LEDs are very important if they’re going to last a long time and meet the demands of shopping and merchandising at shelf. LEDs convert electrical energy into light — therefore, the higher the quality of the diodes, the more efficient the conversion to light. This is why Lighting for Impact chooses only the best quality LEDs for our solutions.


Click HERE for an informational overview of LED properties like color, intensity and efficiency.

C-channel Lighting

C-channels are our most affordable and popular solution as they can be used both for undershelf and peg lighting. Our c-channel protects the LED strip and adhere easily to the shelf. C-channels can be applied using adhesive, magnets or clips and are recommended for use in permanent/semi- permanent locations.

J-channel Lighting

Our unique, patented J-channels affix to the front of the standard shelving and are used to shine up lighting, down lighting or both on products. Compared to C-channels, J-channel lighting can be applied without adhesive or magnets, making it easier to move and/or adjust lighting as needed.

W-channel Lighting

Used in many applications, W-channels shine light up and/or down on featured products. Our patented W-channel works well with magazine pockets, used with pusher merchandising systems, or as peg lighting. In the case of canopy or peg application, W-channels are paired with brackets to hold the channel to the shelving wall.

Valance Lighting

Upgrade your display, or an entire aisle, with our easy-to-install LED valance light. Our LED valance lighting helps you simply and affordably transform existing gondola shelving. Use in Health and Beauty aisles to create a more intimate, upscale shopping experience or across aisles to add better lighting and ambiance to your customers’ in-store experience.


Together, our mission is to help retailers and brands improve the in-store shopping experience leveraging our LED solutions. Our team consists of both merchandising and engineering experts to help design, plan, and install the most impactful yet affordable LED solutions for your in-store merchandising.


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